​​What Is SURETY TODAY™​​?

​​SURETY TODAY™ is a conference call educational resource for professionals in the surety industry presented monthly by the attorneys of the Surety Law Group at Wright, Constable and Skeen.  SURETY TODAY™  telebriefings offer 30 minutes of in-depth discussion on topics of narrow focus and practical importance to those in the industry.

When Is SURETY TODAY™ Presented?

SURETY TODAY™ is offered the second Monday of every Month at 12:30 ET.  

The Presentations are recorded, so if you miss the live presentation you can listen to the recording here on this site , on our firm website - wcslaw.com or you can listen to the recording as a podcast at Podbean.com - Surety Today .  

A written transcript of the presentation is also available on this site and on our firm website.

How Can You Participate In SURETY TODAY™?

​​Participating in SURETY TODAY™ is easy!  All you need to do is click on the "Request a PIN" button to get your PIN.  No registration, no forms to fill out and no personal information is required.  Once you have your PIN you use that same PIN for every call.

On the second Monday of the month at 12:30 ET:
  • Call the toll free number - 877-216-8925
  • Enter the universal access code:  642315 followed by the # key
  • Enter your PIN   _ _ _ _ _ _   (The unique 6-digit numer that was assigned to you).

It is the same call-in process every month, it's that simple.​
Request a PIN

What Are Some Of The SURETY TODAY™ Past Topics?

The past SURETY TODAY™ topics include:

January 14, 2019  - The Keys To Closing Out A Project
February 11, 2019 - The Surety's Salvage and Recovery

March 11 , 2019  - So What Is A Books And Records Investigation - Going Beyond The Numbers

April 8 , 2019 -  The Surety Case Law Update

December 10,  2018 - Bankruptcy Preferences - The Surety's Indirect Exposure

November 12 , 2018 - Bankruptcy Preferences - The Surety's Direct Exposure

October 8  2018 - The Surety And Unions

September 10 , 2018 - The Surety And Pay-If-Paid/Pay-When-Paid Clauses

August 13, 2018 - The Surety And Liquidated Damages

June 11, 2018 - The Surety And The Davis-Bacon Act 

  1. http://www.wcslaw.com/lawyers/michael-a-stover/
    Michael Stover
  2. George Bachrach
  3. Cynthia Rodgers-Waire
  4. Gerard Sunderland
  5. Louis Kozlakowski, Jr.
  6. Robert Hesselbacher, Jr.
  7. Lisa Sparks
    Of Counsel
  8. Jason Potter
  9. Marc Campsen
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